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HMO Mortgages with Mortgage Trust

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Mortgage Trust HMO Mortgages

Mortgage Trust was established in 1986 as Mortgage Trust Limited. Today it is part of the Paragon Group of Companies. Mortgage Trust provides services for property investors, such as landlords who are keen to expand their portfolios, who require specialist knowledge of how to fund Buy to Let projects.

Get HMO Finance

Rates from 1.95%

We find the best HMO lending rates to help save your money

Up to 85% LTV

Get the finance you need to meet your HMO investing goals.

No Minimum Income

A vast array of products with no minimum income requirements.

Zero Fees Upfront

Low fees and no hidden charges.

Loans from £25k+

A huge range of mortgages too choose from.

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Mortgage / Re-mortgage / Bridge