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HMO Mortgages for First Time Landlords

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HMO Mortgages for First-Time Landlords, whilst more difficult to find are out there and available.

If you wish to apply for an HMO mortgage and you’re are a first-time landlord, the choice of HMO lenders is more limited. That doesn’t, however, mean to say that the interest rate will be significantly higher like a borrower might expect.

Although an HMO property may be a higher yielding investment than a standard buy-to-let, there is more work involved in managing the HMO property, and some lenders are cautious as a result.

First Time Landlord HMO Mortgages

Many lenders insist on some form of letting experience before they will lend to somebody buying an HMO. But, there are some excellent HMO lenders who service first time HMO landlords very well.

Find out which HMO Mortgage Lenders are happy to provide HMO Mortgages to First-Time Landlords.

Best HMO Mortgages For First Time Landlords

On the other hand, you can find out more about HMO Mortgage Lending. It’s never been easier than with our recent publication; THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HMO MORTGAGES

Ultimate Guide to HMO Mortgages

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